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Having a steady presence in the domestic and international markets for almost a decade, our main mission is providing the best possible services to our respected customers through producing and supplying the best chemicals to them with the most economic conditions.


Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Chemicals

We supply a vast range of chemicals for oilfield applications including additives for drilling, cementing, stimulation, production and EOR.  We are able to supply mentioned chemicals either from our own products or our associations with other domestic and global manufacturers.  

Mineral Processing

Mineral Processing Chemicals

JAM GROUP is a premier supplier of specialty chemicals for mining and mineral processing operations around the world. Sodium Sulphide, Sodium Hydrosulfide, PBX, SIPX, Pine Oil, MIBC, SBX, PEX, PIBX, SAX and SEX are some of the needed chemicals in this field which we are able to supply them all. Through our professional support capabilities, we can help you increase the effectivity of your mineral processing plant.

Chemicals &
PVC additives

Plastic Chemicals & PVC additives

Plastic materials could be degraded or discolored due to heat, light or oxygen. Plastic additives including stabilizers, lubricants, antioxidizing agents, light stabilizers and flame retardants are used to control and prevent such degradation. Plastic additives are used in pipes, joints, electrical wires, atypical extrusion, industrial films, flexible plastic film, and wall paper.



Celestite or Celestine with the chemical formula of SrSO4 is a natural form of strontium sulfate. This mineral is very similar to Barite (barium sulfate), but rarer. Dolomite and dolomitic limestone are common sedimentary rock formations for Celestite occurring. Apart from having eye-catching crystals, Celestite is the greatest source of strontium and it makes this mineral important and strategic

Recycled Virgin Polymers

Nowadays, due to the significant impacts on the environment, Polymer Recycling is extremely important for everyone. Fortunately, a remarkable development in this field has happened in Iran and in addition to supplying Virgin Polymers, we are honorably able to supply several Recycled Polymers with the best quality and

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Leather Tanning Chemicals

It is generally agreed that production of leather with great quality is something complicated and specialty which needs a wide range of chemicals. Having more than two decades of experience in this field, JAM GROUP is honorably able to produce full range of leather chemicals, from raw skin to finished leather.

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Different types of Antifoams are needed in the several sections of industry such as mining, detergents, textile, oil and gas and so on to suppress extra foams. Our costomer’s desired defoamers could be found among JAM GROUP’s wide range of Silicone Based and Non-silicone Based Antifoams.

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Textile Chemicals

There are several chemicals needed for spinning a yarn and knitting a fabric.  JAM GROUP is able to supply Dispersing Agents, Sequestering Agents, Wetting Agents, Oil Removers, Combined Bleaching Agents, Different Types of Softeners, Acrylic Binders and etc. with the best quality from its own factory with the best conditions.

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Detergent Chemicals

We are able to provide a vast product range in the field of Detergents, such as Bethaine, Coconut Fatty Acid Amides, Pearlizing Agents and so on.  Furthermore, we serve our customers technical support along with actual formulations by tracking the latest developments in the world of detergent industry with our global supply network.

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Other Industrial Chemicals

JAM GROUP is honorably able to supply other essential chemicals for the other branches of industry such as Paint and Coating, Water Treatment, Construction and etc. through its fabulous relations in the domestic and international sources. 

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For a

We provide reliable and sustainable logistic services. That it is our pledge to Planet Earth.

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