Celestite with the formula of SrSO4 is the main source of Strontium and is used widely in the production of Strontium Carbonate. JAM Group Co. is a pioneer active company in manufacturing of Celestite Ore and Concentrate.

Celestite or Celestine with the chemical formula of SrSO4 is a natural form of strontium sulfate. This mineral is very similar to Barite (barium sulfate), but rarer. Dolomite and dolomitic limestone are common sedimentary rock formations for Celestite occurring. Apart from having eye-catching crystals, Celestite is the greatest source of strontium and it makes this mineral important and strategic.

Having several Celestite mines with superb quality, Iran is known as one of the most enriched countries in this regard. China and India are the main target markets of Iran for this precious mineral.

JAM GROUP COMPANY as the owner of a newly opened Celestite mine in Semnan province, has honorably exported several cargos of Celestite and has the capability of supplying this product from all the other Celestite mines through its great business relations throughout Iran.


Celestite Occurrence

Celestine occurs in crystalline forms and also compact massive structure, mostly in sedimentary rocks, often associated with the minerals likes gypsum, anhydrite, and halite.

Burial dissolution is also an accredited mechanism of Celestine precipitation in marine sediments of carbonates.

Celestite Usages

It would be said that almost all the produced Celestite in the world is used in the production of strontium carbonate. There are four main uses for Strontium Carbonate:


  • Glass: The major application of SrCO3 (Strontianite) is as a faceplate glass in colour television picture tubes and computer monitors in which the mentioned items have almost 8% strontium oxide (SrO) to absorb X-rays and improve the brilliance of the glass.
  • Ceramic Ferrite Magnets: Strontium Hexaferrite is the processed mixture of SrCO3 and Iron Oxide which is used in permanent ceramic magnets.
  • Pyrotechnics: Burning Strontium compounds leads to a brilliant red flame, so they are used in pyrotechnic products such as flares and fireworks.
  • Metallurgy: Strontianite is applied to eliminate lead during electrolytic production of zinc.

Moreover, it is notable that substitution of strontium by barium is possible in some applications. However, there could be an adverse impact on the performance of such materials.

JAM GROUP COMPANY is a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Celestine Ore in the Middle East and distributes it to several countries especially China and India. The Celestine of JAM GROUP COMPANY comes from its own mine in Semnan Province and also the other valuable mines located in other central provinces.

Given the demand of the market and also JAM GROUP’s superb capabilities such as having an expert engineering team and also several well-equipped mineral processing plants, this company presents several grades of Celestine Ore to its prestigious customers as below:


  • Celestine Ore with purity of more than 90%
  • Celestine Ore with purity of more than 85%
  • Celestine Ore with purity of more than 80%
  • Celestine Concentrate with purity of up to 95% and size of less than 5 mm

Having the capability of producing Celestine Concentrate is one of the most important peculiarities of JAM GROUP COMPANY. The mentioned Celestine Concentrate is completely homogenous and without any dust. These two topics, (homogeneity and having dust) are the main arguable items in Celestine international deals JAM GROUP COMPANY is honored to claim that has managed to find a workable solution for them.

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