Strontium Carbonate

Strontium Carbonate (SrCO3) is the carbonate salt of strontium which has special applications in many industries, especially ceramics and magnet production. JAM Group Co. is able to produce several grades of Strontium Carbonate from 50% up to +97%.

JAM Group Co. is a pioneer active company in manufacturing of especial mineral and chemical products in the Middle East. As the owner of several Mines, a well-equipped Mineral Processing Plant and also a Chemical Manufacturing Factory, and by having a knowledgeable and experienced technical team, JAM Group Co., managed to pave its own way to the international markets.

The reason of sending this email is to inform you about our newly launched products which are Strontium Carbonate and also Strontium Sulphate (Celestite Concentrate). We have several Celestite mines in different areas of Iran and it led us to establish some factories for the production of Strontium Derivatives.

Concerning Strontium Carbonate, we are able to produce several grades from 50% up to +97%. Regarding high-quality Strontium Carbonates, our policy is to sell a package, consist of at least three grades. It helps us to present marvelous offers. We suggest our low-quality Strontium Carbonates to be consumed in the production process of high-quality Strontium Carbonates instead of Celestite Lumps. It would be more economic for any Strontium Carbonate plants to use low-quality Strontium Carbonates, because these products have even more SrO than the best Celestite Lumps.

Concerning Strontium Sulphate, which is Celestite Concentrate, we are able to produce several grades with different sizes from 85% up to 99%. We are honored to be the first and the only Iranian company having the capability to produce super-high-quality Strontium Sulphate.

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