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Our Mission

Having a steady presence in the domestic and international markets for almost a decade, our main mission is providing the best possible services to our respected customers through producing and supplying the best chemicals to them with the most economic conditions.

About Us

JAM Group Co. seamlessly intertwines technical prowess and business awareness to ascend as a paramount manufacturer and supplier within the multifaceted realm of chemical auxiliaries and additives, serving diverse industrial sectors, from oil and gas and mining to leather tanning and PVC, to name a few. Conceived and steered by a seasoned ensemble of technical and business experts, the firm has meticulously forged its path into the global market, all while anchoring its operations in steadfast adherence to commercial and technical principles.

Distinct departments deftly manage individual product groups, a strategy woven into the organizational tapestry to ensure that each product not only meets but exceeds the anticipated quality and consistency. Strategically positioned factories and refineries, situated in the Alborz and Markazi provinces and armed with avant-garde technology, empower us to navigate through the intricate demands of our clientele adeptly. Moreover, our collaboration with both domestic and international chemical producers unpack a vast array of chemicals and crucial raw materials, underscoring our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and robust solutions to our partners and patrons alike.


The Company Timeline

Founded in the year of 2019, JAM Group Co. embarked on its journey in the intricate world of chemicals, minerals, and petrochemicals, initially cementing its status as a modest manufacturer and supplier. A conscientious strive towards excellence and an unyielding commitment to quality have meticulously woven the fabric of a corporation that, despite its humble beginnings, has ascended to become a celebrated name in its domain. Currently, with a selective yet dedicated workforce that oscillates between 11 and 50, JAM Group Co. aligns the finesse of experienced professionals with the vigor of emerging talents, fostering a synergetic environment that seamlessly melds expertise with innovation.

The evolution from a petite manufacturing entity to a prominent exporter, synonymous with diverse and top-tier chemical and mineral products, elucidates a narrative of perseverance, meticulous progression, and strategic expansion. JAM Group Co., now presiding over numerous manufacturing units, doesn’t merely stop at production but extends its purview to incorporate powerful transportation divisions and stringent quality control units, ensuring not just the generation, but the delivery of optimal quality across all operational levels. Striding confidently through its trajectory, the company garners the attention and reliance of a global clientele, thanks to its adherence to grade, consistency, and a fervent dedication to client satisfaction.


Our Values

Ensuring the provision of quintessential products, coupled with unparalleled service, has steadfastly anchored the philosophy at JAM Group Co., always placing it a cut above. The value system here is not merely a charter but an ingrained ethos that predicates every decision and every move. By dispensing integral solutions to the industry, we infuse innovative intelligence into our operations, always maintaining a sanctuary of safety and health for our committed workforce. Notably, our unwavering adherence to a plethora of regulations, whether local, national, or international, stems from statutory obligation but also from a conscientious commitment to ethical and moral practice.

Accountability, profitability, teamwork, and indomitable trustworthiness converge to sculpt our core values, forging a foundation robust yet morally and ethically adept. JAM Group Co. navigates through the intricate pathways of chemical, mineral, and petrochemical production and supply, illuminating its journey with ethical lanterns and moral compasses. The amalgamation of these cardinal principles reinforces our actions. It also permeates through our products and services, manifesting a stable, consistent reputation that becomes a light for industries seeking not just products, but exemplary standards and uncompromised quality.


Our Products

JAM Group Co., meticulously curating a diverse repertoire of products, carves its niche in the marketplace with three principal categories: Chemicals, Minerals, and Petrochemical Products. Each product, conscientiously designed and developed, resonates with the multifaceted needs of our discerning clientele amidst the ever-dynamic industrial landscape. The relentless pursuit of unbridled quality and unmatched efficacy underscores our continuous exploration to augment our product basket, ensuring it not only satisfies but anticipates the evolving demands of our global customers. Engage with us further as we unravel the specifics of each product category in subsequent sections, ensuring a detailed exploration of how JAM Group Co. aligns meticulous crafting with practical utility.

The Chemical Products

JAM Group Co. has made its prominence as a wholesale manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, specializing in over 16 pivotal chemical products. These chemicals, intrinsically woven into the operational tapestry of numerous companies, serve as indispensable catalysts in various processes, reinforcing our commitment to ensuring their availability in premium grades. Navigating through the nuanced corridors of chemical production and supply, JAM Group Co. bestows upon the industry not just products but allies that empower, facilitate, and streamline operations across various verticals. In the following, you can have a look at these products. Feel free to check the products’ pages and read more about them.

  • Sodium sulfide: Renowned for its premium grade, especially the yellow flakes, JAM Group’s Sodium Sulfide fortifies myriad industrial processes with its versatile applications. It plays a pivotal role in the leather industry, particularly in the dehairing process, ensuring smooth, consistent results.
  • Caustic soda: Esteemed for its ubiquitous applications, Caustic Soda permeates numerous consumer products, from paper to detergents. Notably, its utilization in aluminum production underscores its industrial significance, contributing to a spectrum of applications.
  • Sodium Hydrosulfide: Often recognized commercially as sodium Sulphidrate, it emerges as an indispensable compound in various industries. Notably, Sodium Hydrosulfide applications span from leather processing to the meticulous extraction of copper and other metals.
  • Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol (MIBC): MIBC from JAM Group garners recognition for its fast kinetics and unparalleled selectivity, culminating in dry, yet manageable froths. These attributes underscore its vital role in the mineral and metal extraction processes.
  • Sodium Sulfite: Acknowledged for its diverse applications, Sodium Sulfite serves in photographic development, textile bleaching, and food preservation, amongst other processes. Its role in maintaining the vividness of dried fruit also stands noteworthy.
  • Sodium silicate: Sodium silicate, a substance of myriad applications, finds its use in the creation of cement, fire protection applications, and textile processing. Moreover, it underpins crucial processes in the production of adhesives and silica gel.
  • Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate (SIPX): Predominantly utilized in the mineral processing realms, especially copper and gold, SIPX doesn’t restrict itself to a singular domain. Its functional versatility is witnessed in various mineral flotation applications.
  • Potassium butyl xanthate (PBX): From acting as a potent curing agent in the rubber industry to serving as a chemical intermediate, PBX demonstrates a wide-ranging utility. In the agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors, it has carved its necessity as a pesticide and drug manufacturing reagent, respectively.
  • Paraformaldehyde: Paraformaldehyde, finding its use as an antiseptic in dentistry, also ventures into adhesive and resin preparation. Moreover, its application as a thermoplastic substantiates its industrial significance.
  • Hexamine: Engaging in the production of explosive compounds, adhesives, and dyes, Hexamine plays a vital role across various industries.
  • Formalin: Formalin distinguishes itself by being a fundamental precursor for synthesizing various complex compounds and chemicals.
  • Formaldehyde Concentrate (UFC): Recognized for its high solid content and purity, UFC stands as a significant intermediary chemical. Often, it paves the way for the formulation of multiple derivatives based on the Urea Formaldehyde solution.
  • Concentrated Melamine Formaldehyde Resin: Concentrated Melamine Formaldehyde Resin prominently infuses itself into both low- and high-pressure paper laminates. The resin, embedded in furniture, flooring, and construction, amplifies the durability and aesthetic of surfaces.
  • Calcium Chloride: Renowned for its ability to control dust and harden water in swimming pools, Calcium Chloride navigates through varied applications. In the food industry, it emerges as a pivotal additive, endorsing its utility in varied spectra.
  • Sodium Formate: Enabling applications from leather tanning to food preservation, Sodium Formate exhibits vast industrial relevance. It further lends its properties to the realms of detergent production and industrial printing.
  • Spin finish oils: Spin Finish Oils, essential in the textile industry, deliver surface lubrication, static electricity reduction, and enhance yarn cohesion. These oils ensure the production of high-quality yarn, impacting the final textile product significantly.

The Mineral Products

Beginning a journey through the vast expanse of mineral products, JAM Group Co. offered a magnificent spectrum of offerings, catering to a global clientele with its multifaceted range. The company, thriving on its impeccable ability to provide a plethora of minerals, bestows its customers with products varying in grades, shapes, and types, ensuring tailored solutions to meet diverse industrial needs. JAM Group, not just a mere supplier, emerges as a dependable ally for industries, furnishing them with high-quality Celestite, Barite, Fluorite, and more, each serving pivotal roles in their respective applications, from computer monitor tubes to high-temperature-resistant materials. Later on, there is a list of all minerals offered by JAM Group Co.

  • Celestite: The metamorphosis of Celestite into a wealth of innovative products, notably computer and television monitor tubes, spans a broad industrial spectrum. Its incorporation into the formulation of various products like greases, soaps, and anticorrosive paints underscores its multifaceted applications in diverse domains.
  • Strontium Silicate: Strontium Silicate champions in crafting materials demanding robust thermal stability, such as certain glass and ceramics. Its indispensable role, particularly in the ceramic manufacturing sector, hinges on its capacity to resist elevated temperatures effectively.
  • Barite: Beyond its recognized role as a weighting agent in drilling fluids and a filler in paints and plastics, Barite extends its applicability to medical imaging as a radiation shield. Even within the arenas of animal feed and steel production, barite makes a substantial impact, demonstrating its versatile utility.
  • Strontium Carbonate (SrCO3): Strontium Carbonate, supplied globally by JAM Group, intertwines within various industrial applications, from the synthesis of diverse strontium compounds to the crafting of ferrite magnets and color television glass. This reliable supply chain ensures global customers have consistent access to high-quality strontium carbonate for varied applications.
  • Lime: Under the aegis of JAM Group Co., the production of premium-quality Lime products takes precedence, augmented by a robust network of Iran lime mines. Their prowess in manufacturing hydrated and quick lime finds resonance across construction, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors, cementing its multifaceted applicability.
  • Bentonite: JAM Group Co., fortified with numerous Bentonite Mines and a well-equipped grinding factory, ascends as a premier supplier of various grades of bentonite, including High Yield and Super White. The company’s reach extends to various industries, ensuring a steady supply of high-grade bentonite for diverse applications.
  • Fluorite (CaF2): Deployed extensively in the crafting of iridescent glass and enamels for cooking utensils, Fluorite, sourced and supplied by JAM Group Co., permeates various industries with its versatile applications. The company, having the capability to supply massive cargoes, solidifies its stance as a pivotal player in the fluorite market.

The Petrochemical Products

Navigating through the robust world of petrochemical products, JAM Group Co. steadfastly marks its territory by providing an array of vital substances that anchor numerous industrial applications. Delving into the essence of its offerings, let’s illuminate two primary products from its diverse catalog: Paraffin Wax and Polypropylene fibers (PPF). Below, we review these products.

  • Paraffin Wax: Emphasizing a commitment to unparalleled quality, JAM Group Co. navigates through the complex world of Paraffin Wax manufacturing, extending an assortment of wax variants, each distinctly recognized for their unique purity levels and potent properties.
  • Polypropylene fibers (PPF): PPF by JAM Group Co. assures a solidification of durability and resilience in construction endeavors. The steadfast integration of these fibers into the cement matrix not only amplifies its structural fortitude but also quietly reassures architects and builders of silent strength embedded within the very foundations of their creations.


Manufacturing and Facilities

In Iran, numerous mines etch a striking testament to JAM Group Co.’s unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled mineral and petrochemical products. This expansive network of mining facilities, both owned and allied, becomes a vital artery through which the company secures a wide range of raw materials, ensuring a stable, uninterrupted supply chain. Furthermore, the company fosters robust connections with mine owners in various international regions, weaving a global network that enhances its ability to source diverse and high-quality materials.

On another front, the presence of two meticulously equipped companies, one located in the Middle East and its counterpart in the industrious realms of Poland, offers JAM Group Co. a formidable manufacturing and logistical advantage. This strategic global positioning not only accelerates their manufacturing prowess but also ensures that products bestowed upon their clientele embody a harmonious blend of quality and competitive viability, perpetually reinforcing their standing in the international marketplace.


Research & Development

In the engine room of JAM Group Co.’s innovation and developmental steps lies a meticulous research and development unit, ever-vigilant in its pursuit of emerging opportunities for organizational evolution and product refinement. The company not only rigorously explores avenues for advancing its existing product line but also seeks to unveil new, pioneering products that echo the ever-shifting demands of the global market.

A panorama of multifaceted research, spanning from product conceptualization to marketplace introduction, unfurls within this unit, ensuring that every product adheres to the pinnacle of quality and efficacy and encapsulates the varied needs and aspirations of their widespread clientele. This methodical approach towards innovation signifies the company’s profound allegiance to not merely adapting to the contemporary market landscape but dynamically shaping it, thereby enshrining its position as a luminary within the industry.


Community & Environment

Inside JAM Group Co., we foster a friendly environment that places a strong emphasis on building meaningful connections among our team members. Leadership within the entity lays significant stress on the vitality of nurturing a collaborative spirit, believing that the roots of optimal teamwork sprout from the fertile grounds of interconnectedness and mutual respect among all members. The management’s endeavor to intertwine professional responsibilities with genuine care for interpersonal relationships shape the internal atmosphere and ripples outward, reflecting a company that’s not merely an industrial entity but a closely-knit community.


Partnerships & Collaborations

JAM Group Co., in its unyielding quest to tender a comprehensive assortment of products to companies with discerning needs, has woven a network of partnerships, particularly with mine owners, not only within the confines of Iran but also extending its tendrils into neighboring territories. This strategic move is anchored in a desire to perpetually enrich their offerings and fortify their position in the market, a pursuit that is significantly bolstered by forging ties with robust entities in the field.

Furthermore, the company has sculpted distinctive collaborations with colossal corporations within the domain, a synergy that not only broadens its horizons but also instills an unassailable stature in the industry. Such alliances are not merely transactional in nature but are steeped in a mutual desire to explore and develop unparalleled quality and innovation in every product that reaches the hands of their diverse clientele. The foundation of these collaborations hinges on a mutual vision for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, propelling JAM Group Co. towards new pinnacles of excellence and industrial prowess.


Compliance & Standards

JAM Group Co. relentlessly ensures that every aspect of its production cycle, spanning minerals, chemicals, and petrochemical products, strictly adheres to exemplary international benchmarks. The company has steadfastly embedded a culture of rigorous compliance throughout its organizational structures and processes, thereby ensuring not just the impeccable quality of its robust product lineup but also safeguarding its revered stature within the intricate tapestry of the global market.

Vigilantly navigating through the nuanced pathways of global commerce and industry, JAM Group Co. warrants the unwavering consistency and superiority of its offerings and crafts a symbolic echo of trust and reliability amidst its esteemed clientele. Through a harmonious blend of meticulous oversight and an unwavering commitment to excellence, the company ardently cultivates a narrative of integrity, fortified by its unyielding alignment with elite international production and compliance standards.


Careers & Culture

At JAM Group Co., all team members, whether experienced or new, find a nurturing environment that encourages growth and development. The company is dedicated to creating a supportive and innovative workplace, helping its employees excel in their roles. Prospective candidates will discover a range of career opportunities where their skills can shine and make a substantial impact on the company’s success. Through training, skill enhancement, and continuous learning, JAM Group Co. prioritizes employee development and satisfaction.


Contact Information

Situated at the heart of Tehran, Iran, the head office of JAM Group Co., specifically located at No. 31, Farshid Bldg., Farshid Ave., Valiasr St., serves as a pivotal point where the nexus of commerce and innovative petrochemical solutions converge.

  • Engage with us directly through a telephonic conversation facilitated via +98 21 910707134, or delve into digital discourse by dropping an email at info@jamgroupco.com, enabling a seamless exchange of thoughts, inquiries, and insightful dialogues.
  • Venturing into the luxurious expanse of Dubai, the UAE, our additional office graciously opens its doors at No. 801, Al-Owais Business Tower, Al-sabkha, Deira, ready to entertain discussions and potential collaborations with adept expertise and open arms.
  • For a more instantaneous chat or to seek prompt responses to your queries, please consider connecting with us on WhatsApp at +98 919 5674504, ensuring your concerns are addressed with enthusiasm and precision. We eagerly anticipate your correspondence, aiming to foster a synergetic interaction beneficial to all parties involved.


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